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Our 5 questions this time are for Garland Greene (NJ, USA)

Thanks for doing this GARLAND GREENE and in special Kurt !


1)Could you introduce yourself to the people out there who haven’t got a clue who you are?


Hello everyone out there! Kurt here! We are Garland Greene from New Jersey. Garland Greene was founded in 2015 residing from ex-members of Lifeless,Left To Burn,Repercussion,CDC,This Very Moment and a few other unnamed bands. In the past 2 years we have been playing all down the east coast trying to get our name out there. Growing up in the South Jersey Hardcore Scene we have had many influences enter our musical efforts.. bands like Shattered Realm,Fury of Five,Etown Concrete,NJ Bloodline. But we also have many influences from other genres and bands across the world. Bands like Nasty,Hatebreed,Deftones,Martyr AD,First Blood and some punk tossed into the mix.

2) Who/what do you consider yourself to be your examples?

(Musically and/or ideological) As you can read above there are a few bands we have listed as our influences between what we’ve grown up listening to. At the moment, honestly we write music that we like and love to play. We would love for our songs and albums to reach others and of course a substantial amount of people across the world, but ultimately we do it for ourselves. It’s our one outlet to escape reality and just be who we truly are and express it through our music and lyrics.


3) How long have you been active? Did the line-up change over time?

Garland Greene has been active for a little over two years now. Stemming from our past bands and coming together to form Garland Greene. There hasn’t really been a line-up change. From the beginning it has been Tommy (vocals), Andrew (bass),Jimmy (drums) and Bobby (guitar). A few months after Garland Greene had started, Kurt was asked to fill in for Bobby on guitar as he wasn’t able to make it to a show that was scheduled. Kurt had learned the songs and filled in for Bob. Shortly after that Kurt was asked to join full time. Bob had left the band shortly for a few months due to personal reason but has happily came back to the band. We love bob and it just wasn’t the same without him. So we are glad to have him back in the line-up and it’s been the best writing experience ever since.


4) Can we expect a live show/tour anywhere soon?

We do have a few shows lined up at the moment. One of our most recent shows coming up is a local show with Death Before Dishonor and Danny Diablo in Secaucus, NJ. Really looking forward to that one! As far as tours are concerned, we are looking to do a Spring tour in the next couple months. This is just being talked about and there is no definite answer as to where it will be, who it will be with or even the time frames. But we are always keeping an update with our social media so please keep an eye out. We are extremely interested in heading over to Europe/Germany and Belgium area. We love that we have a huge fan base over there and have had nothing but great responses from there. This is all thanks to our great friends over at Filled With Hate that have put out our first EP entitled “Regression” which is still found on iTunes ,Spotify and other digital platforms.


5) Got anything to say to the world?

We would first like to thank Hardcore Gateway for taking the time to interview us. We would also like to thank everyone over at FAST BREAK! Records for believing in us and putting out our new EP “Hypnosis” which is available on all digital platforms worldwide. Axl and Filled With Hate for getting us to the point we are at today and we look forward to continuously working with them. A few bands to check out that we are close friends with and definitely deserve a shout out: Dissent,Timbomb,Jesus Piece,Time Spent,Meth Mouth,Concrete,Departed,Iron Price,LIFELESS NLFTW,Wraith,Threat 2 Society,SUPERFREAK and Ground. Sorry for those that were not mentioned, not intentional. We would also like to take this time to thank our family,friends,wives and girlfriends for the continuous support.

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Hardcore Gateway wishes GARLAND GREENE the BEST for the future and hope to see you soon in EU !

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